Who am I?

I'm a Brazilian-born Actor, Writer, Musician, former national sailing athlete. I have been fortunate to dedicate my life to the creative arts and study with some of the best minds in performance, at the London Academy of Dramatic Artis, Stella Adler, Shakespeare & Company, piano at Bruce Sutherland's studios, voice (mid-soprano range), writing with incredibly talented A-list screenwriters.

Upcoming Projects

Science Fiction has opened a whole new world of research into quantum mechanics, dark matter, human brain and consciousness, the nature of reality, simulation theories, signal detection theory, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, philosophy, phenomenology, culminating with a degree from the University of California. Over the last two years, I developed the core concepts for eight phenomenal creative projects that are sure to keep me busy for the next ten years. Phenomenal in the sense that they fit the current zeitgeist of mainstream of popular culture, and that they're so good that it is hard to decide which one to start.

"If you wait by the riverside long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by."

                                -- Sun Tzu

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