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Piano Performance

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I started my piano training much later in life at Bruce Sutherland studios, when everyone thought it was an impossible task, with little time and an incredibly busy schedule and with no funds whatsoever, as a recent immigrant. It's the scariest thing you can ever attempt.

A few recitals and two performances at the Irvine Arts Center later, including 'Danzas Argentinas' by Ginastera, I'm starting to crunch pieces like they don't exist at a great pace. The growth has been remarkable. And it's just beginning. My technique was: if you want to jump 2 feet, jump 50 feet first, then the 2 feet will look easier.

Below, the first full run of Adios Nonino. Adios Nonino by Piazolla was such an impossible dream that my teacher said "Oh, you will never play that. Why don't you play easier pieces?" Well, it was a year of hard work and on April 2018 I played it publicly for the first time. My brain is on fire right now, crunching pieces and music at a faster and faster pace. The better I get the easier it becomes to get even better. My advice:

"Shock Yourself. Shock the World."

The arena of my first piano performance in a live theatre.

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