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Storytelling is one of the most awesome and challenging of creative acts. After meeting and working with some of the most successful writers in the field, I ran an extension program at one of the top private universities in Brazil. It was my first attempt to put together a unified theory of storytelling. The program brought together heads of drama department, and the film production unit at the top network in Brazil, film festival directors, producers, students, and anyone with a knack for understanding story from the perspective of the creator and the meaning that can be achieved from a depth perspective. It was a magical time.

Since then I was able to produce and meet one of my heroes, Neil Simon, worked on a sitcom directed by Debbie Allen, was invited as a runner-up to the Warner's TV development program, and worked as a consultant for several producers and directors including Marcelo Galvao, for the best film in Brazil in 2012, and the producer of American Pie in the U.S.

Hanging out with Marcelo Galvao and Halder Gomes at the Brazil Film Festival in Los Angeles.

While at UCI, I ran a weekly meeting to discuss some modern screenplay theory and managed to develop the seed and concepts for eight exciting projects that are likely to keep me busy for the next ten years.

My former office in Brazil. I sure miss the ocean and the warm waters.

The master Tony Zuicker

With Bill Marsilii. Deja Vu was such an excellent film!

Supersize me, dude!

Universal Studios Writer's room. Can you spot Waldo (me)?

Disney's writers room

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