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Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Creatives travel not only in their imagination, but to actual physical destinations. Here are some of my favorite places of the last two years: The whole of Yucatan peninsula is magical. Insanely beautiful places for aesthetic arrests. If you don't come back transformed, you're basically that, or in psychoanalytic terms, your psyche went deep into the unconscious in a dormant state in an attempt to recharge and a chance to return back to the world as a vital, responsive voice.

Another magical place was Iceland. Just unbelievable. The final scene of my current science-fiction project is precisely there. I had 24 hours of sunlight during my stay -- hard to sleep!

Paris is a culture-trove. I remember being at the intersection where the guillotine massacre in 1792 and wondering what it was like to have been there during September 2-6. They washed it pretty well. So it goes.

Other places I visited in the last couple years: New Delhi and Vancouver, very beautiful in their own different ways. The road trip from Seattle to Vancouver was a treat. More on the bucket list.

Check out my video of the triumphant arrival at the Louvre below.

Arriving at the Louvre

Riding through Versailles

Underground tunnel in Paris

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