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I worked with a number of clients over the years and the span of each project depends on their particular needs and the scope of the project. The services range from translation, copy, blog posts, email communicatitons, public speaking, training manuals, and so forth. Please contact us for a free assesment and list of services available.

Former Clients include:

- L'Occitane of Brasil

- Muchigan State University

- Pulmonetic Systems

- Healthcubed

- Metamed 

- Stage32

- Qless

- The Longevity Bridge

- Film Production companies (Hollywood)

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Blog, Article, Content writing

Several free-lance projects for Stage 32, IEET (Institute of Ethics for Emerging Technologies, Scriptwriter's Network, among others...

Sample here:


The Longevity Bridge

The most comprehensive self-study longevity primer on the web today. Over 40+ hours of video scripts, pdfs, downloadables, in every area of research: diet and aging, pharmacology, microbiome, GMOs, biohacking, Genetic Therapies, the Apps, the People, the Resources. A 52-week project including research, content, interviews, sales pages, email automation, video scripts, design, and more...

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Future Medicine / Disruptive technologies

Email communications, meetings, international conferences, full translations, copy editing, and more, for innovative companies like Metamed (Personalized medicine), Qless, Healthcubed, bringing positive change to the world in public healthcare, future medicine, and a better customer experience.



A COVID-19 comprehensive guide at the start of the pandemic, with key informationn about metrics, educatitonal content, supplementation, immune system, doctors and key thinkers on the subject outside of the mainstream media. 

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