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For the last ten years, I worked as an international agent, writing copy, email communications, live phone calls, public speaking, translating, opening doors for tech companies in the Fortune 500 and Government Sectors internationally.

I handle a series of projects in copywriting | content writing, like blog posts, articles, press releases, podcast, video, and teleseminar scripts, video sales letters, blog posts, speech writing, e-books, downloadable reports, and so forth (see the menu under 'Services')

One of my key skills was email and communication, finding key executives, setting up meetings/live presentations, and public speaking. I am a writer and artist by training and the written word comes easy to me. My professional experience in Longevity medicine, technological breakthroughs, and the startup universe helped me travel internationally and understand the importance of the cultural aspects often lost in translation.  


Feel free to consult for any area of research, but my focus is on technology, future medicine, longevity, travel, wellness, personal development, depth psychology, mythology, screenwriting, cognitive sciences, and international B2B/B2C sectors. 

I have degrees in Cinema and Television, (cognitive) psychology at the University of California (UCI), where I also studied cognitive sciences, philosophy, neuroscience, consciousness, artificial intelligence risks, translational medicine, and drama. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Depth Psychology and Mythology. 

-- The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

-- Stella Adler Conservatory

-- International Shakespeare Globe Center

- University of California, Los Angeles

-- University of California, Irvine

-- LACC (Film and Television degree)

-- Master's in Depth Psychology and Mythology (Pacifica Graduate Institute)


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