• Ricardo Barretto

Acting and Performance

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

It was my first creative passion. I was very young when I got a scholarship to the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. From there I moved on to Stella Adler, then Shakespeare & Company in Massachusetts, and the transformation was complete. I had fallen in love with Shakespeare and the stage.

While pursuing my degree in film and television production I was in over 50 sets with some incredible creative professionals such as Clint Eastwood, Frank Darabont, Chuck Lorre; shows like NCIS, Mom, Rizolli & Isles, Criminal Minds, and many others. It was a fun and exciting time.

There's a very important concept that is true for science, the arts, and any creative act, which Einstein knew well as Beginner's mind--approaching something as if for the first time. It allows you to let go of any expert knowledge that may holding you back. While getting my degree at UCI, I spent one year at the drama department deeply immersed with that concept in mind. The lessons are unforgettable.

A video I put together in 5 minutes to celebrate 450 years of Shakespeare. Hamlet Act I, scene i. I always wanted to play Hamlet professionally and I think my performance would add an unseen and more profound insight to the character in a way that I have never seen on stage up to now. It's one item on the bucket list.

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