• Ricardo Barretto

Brain, Consciousness, the Nature of Reality.

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

What is real? What is the nature of reality? Is spacetime the fundamental ground of all there is, or is it just a by-product of consciousness and the best approximation we can come up with given our cognitive limits? If not, what is fundamental? Are we in a simulation? Is there an intelligent design or designer? Why suffering? Are the objects that we see just data structures created on the fly?

The work of professor D. Hoffman at UCI is supported by a lot of evidence that consciousness is primary and everything else is just fiction. From a scientific perspective it is a bold and mind-blowing assumption. From a mythological perspective, however, it has been said over and over again, we're just temporary forms at play in a field of space and time, manifestations of divine forms and a reality that surpasses our cognitive ability to comprehend. A world to which no tongue has soiled, and no mind has reached. Perhaps we are cognitively closed off after all.

The Cognitive Bias codex. Are you using ideas or being used by ideas?

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